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TCDB Monday: I'm Still Trading!

Another Monday, but at least it's the last Monday of January.  For me, January and February are by far the worst two months of the year.  For one, I go back to work during January after a few weeks off so that's always a bummer, but more importantly, I hate the cold, snowy, and icy weather that plagues both January and February where I live (also sometimes March but at least by then there are usually signs that spring is coming back).  I also find the lack of baseball (and college football) to be a real bummer.  Combine all of that with where I live where the sky is almost always gray for two straight months and you've got yourself a motley stew of crap!  Luckily, I do have several outlets that cheer me up - one of which being my baseball card collection (and more specifically, baseball card trading)!  

In the past week, I completed a trade with TCDB user theduckmanz which resulted in me getting a pretty cool Barry Larkin game card.

That's a 2000 MLB Showdown Unlimited game card (trust me that this card looks much nicer in hand as compared to the scan).  I remember buying a box of MLB Showdown from 2001 and I kind of liked the game.  I doubt it holds up today compared to the many, many games I own but I did enjoy the baseball card game back when I bought the starter box (it came with enough cards for two players).  As for the Larkin card, it's one of the special shiny foil cards which (I believe) were reserved for star players.  I don't remember much about how to play the game but I do know you roll a D20 and if you read off the hitter's chart then usually good things happen (assuming you are the batting team).  In Barry's case, a 20 is a home run, an 18 or 19 is a double, but really anything above a 4 is a result in which Barry gets on base somehow (walk, single, etc.).  

Next, we turn our attention to more recent set needs - 2022 Allen & Ginter to be precise.  I ended up trading for a single Inside the Park mini that needed with TCDB user Tjernst2:

I had no idea that Joshua Tree National Park only became a National Park in 1994!  It was declared a National Monument in 1906 but it took nearly 90 years to become a National Park after that.  I've never been to this particular park but it's on my list of places I'd like to visit before I die!

That does it for this past week over on TCDB.  Not my busiest week of trading, but then again, the middle of January is the start of my semester so I was busy with lots of non-card stuff.  With that in mind, I think I did alright!  


  1. Cool card. My buddies and I drove out to Joshua Tree National Park back in the 90's on one of our road trips. September/October are my two least favorite months. No breaks between Labor Day and Veteran's Day. Although we just voted on a new calendar and in two years we'll have one week off in October. Pretty stoked about that.


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