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Using Facebook for Baseball Card Acquisitions!

Loyal readers will probably be aware that I host a group break page over on Facebook.  It's one of the few things that keep me on Facebook these days, in fact!  However, it's not only my Facebook page that is of interest to me.  I'm also in a few other baseball card groups including one dedicated solely to Barry Larkin collectors.  While I'll never have the time, the space, or most importantly, the budget that many of the other people in that group have, there are times where I can work out a trade for some "lower hanging fruit" on my Barry Larkin want list.

Case in point, a fairly recent* pair of trades with member Scott:

*late 2022 if I'm honest.

A 1990 Star Promo oddball and a 1989 O-Pee-Chee sticker card.  Pretty nice pair of Larkin cards!

Definitely happy to have both of those tucked away in my Barry Larkin Collection binder - and hopefully I'll be able to work out some more Barry Larkin trades in the future over on Facebook, otherwise, what's the point of that site these days?!


  1. It's hard enough to track down all of the different Topps variations of 1989 stickers. I don't even think I own a single OPC.

  2. There are just so many late '80s-early '90s cards to track down, it's mind-boggling. The stickers are infuriating with all their variations, but congrats on adding it and the Star promo to your PC!


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