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A Generous Trader over on TCDB Sent Me a Patch Card!

Today's mailing is from Bob, aka TCDB user Abide.  

I'm not featuring this particular envelope in my usual TCDB weekly wrap-up posts for a simple reason:  This wasn't a trade but rather a surprise mailing and it definitely deserves its own post!  You see, Bob sent me a message that he was recently at a card show and saw a card that made him think of me.  He said the price was right, so he bought it and sent it my way.  And that card in question, you ask?  Well, it's this beauty:

That's definitely one of the nicest relic cards that I own of Barry Larkin!  This card is perfect as it combines my love of Larkin cards, Pacific cards, and unique cards all in one - plus the card design itself is quite nice!  Heck, the card even features team colors that work great with the embedded patch.  

The 2001 Pacific Private Stock set has a bunch of different Barry Larkin cards in it for me to track down.  To date, here's what I have/need:
  • Yes 2001 31 Pacific Private Stock
  • No 2001 48 Pacific Private Stock Game Gear
  • Yes 2001 48 Pacific Private Stock Game Jersey Patch
  • No 2001 31 Pacific Private Stock Gold Portraits
  • No 2001 31 Pacific Private Stock Premiere Date
  • Yes 2001 20 Pacific Private Stock PS-206 Action
  • Yes 2001 31 Pacific Private Stock Silver
  • No 2001 31 Pacific Private Stock Silver Portraits
In the above list, a "Yes" means I have the card and a "No" means I need it still.  As you can see, now that I marked "yes" to the Game Jersey Patch card, I'm at 4 out of 8 Barry Larkin cards in hand from the set.  50% is pretty good for a set like this, especially when you realize most of the cards are either parallels or hits of some type!

I love, love, love this one - so a huge thanks to Bob once again!  


  1. Nice card! I'm usually not a fan of relic cards either due to their sometimes dubious origins or because they are usually bland one color types. But this is a nice looking patch with a little bit of everything. Shout out to Bob for sending your way.

  2. That is an awesome patch! Larkin is a big name, but one of my favorite things about Pacific relics is that they created cards of the lesser known guys.

  3. Awesome indeed! Bob actually lives up the freeway from me. And I met him at a card show in Culver City back in May of 2021. He saw me wearing my 'TCDb' shirt and introduced himself--very nice guy!

  4. Very generous! That's awesome.


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