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Monday's are for TCDB Trade Recaps!

Another week, another Monday, another TCDB recap post!  Honestly, I think my TCDB recap posts are my favorite thing about Monday.  It's a nice reminder of what I've been able to add to my collection each week - and usually that also means that I've reduced a number of unwanted cards at the same time.  I call that a win-win.

Speaking of win-wins, I completed a trade with TCDB user WallyCub for a pair of needed 2022 Allen & Ginter mini cards.

I sent off nine cards to WallyCub in exchange for the two minis which is exactly the sort of win I'm going for.  I've got way too much trade bait (according to TCDB I have nearly 16,000 cards listed for trade on the site)!  My want list is much smaller, clocking in at roughly 2300 cards so I'm happy to do trades where I'm sending out more than I'm getting in return.  I'm also happy to report that I'm nearly done with all of the 2022 Allen & Ginter mini sets (see what I still need here).


  1. I vaguely remembered the story about those manhole covers, but went back for a refresher. It's funny how little can change in 30+ years.


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