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Barry Larkin Collection 944: 1993 Red Foley Stickers - #53

Barry Larkin
Brand:  Red Foley Stickers
Card number:  53

The 1993 Red Foley Sticker set consists of 130 different stickers.  Each sticker has the featured player on the front along with a card number and a plain back.  There is no indication of team, player, or even brand anywhere on the stickers!  As you can probably imagine, this isn't one of my favorite releases precisely because of how opaque the entire set is...in fact, without the internet I would have had no idea what this particular sticker belonged to.  As usual with Larkin cards I don't love - I'm glad to have this one tucked in my binder but I definitely won't be chasing down any non-Larkin stickers from this particular set.