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Board Game Friday: A Quartet of New Additions to the Collection

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm actually writing this post Thursday afternoon as I watch the Orioles and Red Sox square off (the Reds/Pirates game is blacked out for me despite the fact that I have no way to actually watch that game on a local sports network).  Anyhow, as I enjoy opening day I figured I'd also show off some other things I'm about to enjoy...new board games that entered my collection this week!

This week was a strong week for new board game additions as I ended up nabbing four new games.  The first three came from a sale I stumbled across on a Facebook group - and since all the games in that sale were still new in shrink, I took a chance!  It definitely worked out as I was able to add three games to my collection including my first ever entry from the Clank! series of games.

I've been looking for Clank! Catacombs for awhile now - I enjoy deckbuilders and am always looking for the "perfect" one for me.  No idea if this will end up fitting that bill but I'm definitely excited to give it a spin.

For something a bit lighter, I also grabbed a copy of Cat in the Box - a rather unique trick taking game.

In this game, you don't know what the "suit" of your cards are until you play them...it's a trick taker combined with a puzzle game (if my understanding is correct, anyhow).  I don't play a lot of games with larger groups during the year but hopefully I'll find a chance to get this to the table soon(ish).

The final games from the Facebook purchase was Raccoon Tycoon, a game that I know very little about but was still intrigued enough to request it (plus it helped that the price was right).

This one is for ages 8+ according to the box so perhaps I'll be able to teach it to my son (he's nearly 5 and loves playing "adult" board games).

Finally, a surprise addition to my collection for this week was a delivered Kickstarter Gamefound game called Ra.

This is a remastered version of the classic game, Ra (a game I've never played but have heard great things about).  I love the look of this game and I can't wait to get this to the table (a common theme I guess for this week's new games)!

I wouldn't expect many weeks where I'm adding this many new games to my collection but the stars aligned just right for me to make it happen this one time!  Hopefully down the line I'll have some proper review posts for some of these games...for now though I have to find some room for the games on my shelf!


  1. Never heard of the term "trick-taking game", but just watched a YT video that kind of broke it down for me. Hope all of these games receive high ratings from you.


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