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The Non-Reds Frankenset: Cards #469 - 486

Delivery Time! A Nacho Box from the Discord!

Back in December of last year, I started up a Discord channel for baseball card collectors (and fans of my group breaks)!  What I didn't necessarily expect at that time was that the Discord would also serve as another new avenue for baseball card trading!  

Case in point, Discord user Bane Collectors and I recently agreed to a little swap where I was to get a needed Barry Larkin card.  However, in true generous fashion, Bane Collectors ended up wanting to send me what he calls a "blind trade" - basically he sends me a bunch of stuff and then I can send stuff back his way at some point in the future...you know, kind of like we do on the blogs!

Well, flash forward a few days later and the package arrived at my house - and let me tell you, it was definitely fun to go through.  For one thing, there were plenty of fun little notes attached to certain cards (or groups of cards) including these team bag "toppers."

As you can imagine from those little notes, this was bound to be a fun package!  We'll start with the Barry Larkin cards because those are always what I gravitate to first - in particular that 30/30 card was the one I wanted to trade for originally:

The rest of the Larkins were duplicates but that's alright, I can always use them for future trade bait for other Larkin cards that I do need!

As for the other cards in the package, there were many different highlights - too many to scan and show them all off but I did pick out a few of my favorites including this Johnny Bench image variation card from the 2022 Topps set:
That's a great image and it's a new one for my collection!  
If you are more of a fan of shiny stuff, perhaps this Ken Griffey, Jr. Unleashed insert from Donruss will interest you more...it's technically not a Reds card but I never turn down new Ken Griffey, Jr. cards for my collection!

The package also included an autograph...

...and some nice minis including this Hunter Green rookie from the Topps 206 set.
Love me some minis!

As I said, there were tons of goodies in this package - so many so that while I couldn't scan everything I did want to pick out a few more favorites to show off:

All sorts of goodies in there!  

Many, many thanks to Bane Collectors for the trade package - and for all of the support within my Discord channel.  


  1. That Bench is awesome! It's kind of amazing how clearly you can see the facial expression on the fans in the background for a photo taken around 40 to 50 years ago.


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