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Monday's are for TCDB: Geoff2568, Burnsie42, Jaysredlegs, jsteved, marcbrubaker, timmy16, and zrbecker13

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today's a good day because it's the last Monday of March...and once March is done we are through January, February, plus March for another year...the three worst months in terms of weather, sports, etc.  Hooray!

Since today is Monday, you know that that means it's time for another dip into the mailbox for this past week's TCDB trades.  I've got quite a few to go through so let's not dally any longer.

First up, from TCDB user Geoff2568 comes this Barry Larkin parallel from 2021 Donruss.

This star-studded patriotic beauty is an "Independence Day" parallel from the '21 Donruss set.  I have a long, long ways to go in terms of collecting recent Donruss parallels but I guess I have to start somewhere!  

On a side note, I finally updated TCDB with my 2020 Barry Larkin haves and wants so next up will be my Barry Larkin cards for the year 2021.  That updating process takes me forever so who knows when I'll muster up the energy to start in on 2021 but at least now there's one less card that I'll need to add to that master want list (whenever it gets completed).

Next up, we have another single card PWE this time from user Burnsie42:

That's Max Fried in the wonderful 2023 Topps All Aces set.  This won't be the last time that you see this particular set in today's post so I'll hold off on talking more about the set for moment.

Moving along, next up from user Jaysredlegs comes another new-to-me Barry Larkin card, this time from way back in 2002.

That's a "Burn and Turn" insert from the 2002 Leaf set featuring Barry Larkin alongside his second baseman at the time, Todd Walker.  It's a pretty cool card design and one that I hadn't seen before - definitely a neat addition to my Barry Larkin collection!

Sticking to the mail box, the next PWE is from user jsteved and is one of the few trades I've made in recent memory where I received multiple cards in return!

That's another 2023 Topps Aces card, a pair of 2000 Pacific base card needs for my set build, and a 1992 Topps (corrected) Topps Gold Winner parallel of Barry Larkin.  What a fun trade that hit multiple different points in my collection!

This week actually had a pair of trades where I received multiple cards in the same package.  The other trade where that happened was with user marcbrubaker (aka Remember the Astrodome from the blogs)!

Marc sent me my third 2023 Topps All Aces card this week to go along with another 2000 Pacific base card need.  Isn't that Nolan Ryan Aces card a thing of beauty?!

Next up, from user timmy16 comes another new-to-me Barry Larkin card:

That's a 2013 Panini Prizm "Prizms Blue Pulsar" parallel.  I actually dislike the photo used on the 2013 Panini Prizm set which is unfortunate because there are a ton of parallels of this particular card to track down.  That said, I'm still quite happy to have been able to land one such parallel - finding Larkin parallels that I still need on TCDB has been getting harder and harder so when it happens I definitely get excited! 

Finally, we end with this single-card PWE from user zrbecker13:

Yep, another 2023 Topps Aces card (this time it's Shane Bieber) but what's great about this card is that it finishes off my 2023 Topps Aces set build!  Yay!  That's now 12 sets that I've managed to finish in 2023 thus far, a great number considering that March still isn't quite over.  \

And there you have it - this past week over on TCDB.  Obviously, a very solid week of trading!  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have nearly as much to show off next week since I'm back to (mostly) looking for older Barry Larkin cards that I still need.  There isn't a ton of set needs left on TCDB for me to try and work out a deal for...so if you happen to have anything I'm still looking for on the set build front, please let me know - I'd love to trade!


  1. I've never seen the Burn and Turn inserts before. They're really cool--er, hot.

    Blue Pulsar Prizms are some of my favorites over the past decade or so. That's a really nice one! Do you have a Red Prizm / Red Pulsar Larkin?

  2. Seems like you should be getting pretty close to completing that Aces set by now.


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