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New Group Break: 2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome! (Two Hobby Box Break - Sign Up Now!)

It's time for another group break here at Nachos Grande!  Actually, to be specific, I'm hosting the group break over on my Discord Channel (join here) but I wanted to post details on the blog as well in an effort to try and get the break filled up!


This break will consist of TWO hobby boxes of 2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome.  Each box promises an autograph.  Note:  I have preordered the boxes and they have an estimate ship date of  3/29/23 3/31/23.

Note:  As usual, shipping is NOT included in the cost as I will add your cards to your stack. Sign-ups are first-come, first-served. Please pay after claiming a spot. I reserve the right to reopen any spot that isn't paid for in a timely manner (you can always email to work something out if necessary).

Please leave a comment on the Discord Channel (ideally) or else leave a comment below this post with the team slot(s) you wish to claim. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Send PayPal payment (via FRIENDS/FAMILY) to fanofreds.auctions@gmail.com.  If you leave a comment here, please wait to pay until after I confirm your team selection.  Thanks!

Group Break: 2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome (TWO hobby boxes)

Team Slots:

$12 - Arizona Diamondbacks -
💲✔️Atlanta Braves  - @jackal726 
$15 - Baltimore Orioles - 
💲✔️Boston Red Sox  - @Jet Wings 
$15 - Chicago Cubs - 
$15 - Chicago White Sox - 
💲✔️Cincinnati Reds - @Nachos Grande 
$12 - Cleveland Indians/Guardians - @mdizzle42069 
$12 - Colorado Rockies - 
💲✔️Detroit Tigers - @sheepboy 
💲✔️Houston Astros - @BanE Collectors 
💲✔️Kansas City Royals - @BanE Collectors 
💲✔️Los Angeles Angels - @PeachPits19 
$15 - Los Angeles Dodgers - 
$12 - Miami Marlins - 
$12 - Milwaukee Brewers - 
💲✔️Minnesota Twins - @JustAssisted 
💲✔️New York Mets - @JustAssisted 
$17 - New York Yankees - @BanE Collectors 
$15 - Oakland Athletics - 
$15 - Philadelphia Phillies - 
💲✔️Pittsburgh Pirates - @BanE Collectors 
💲✔️ San Diego Padres - @jackal726 
$15 - San Francisco Giants - 
💲✔️Seattle Mariners - @BanE Collectors 
💲✔️ St. Louis Cardinals - @cardsoncards 
💲✔️Tampa Bay Rays - @BanE Collectors 
💲✔️Texas Rangers - @sheepboy 
💲✔️Toronto Blue Jays - @PeachPits19 
💲✔️ Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - @jackal726