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Barry Larkin Collection 958: 1993 Virginia Education Association Hit the Books - Bookmark

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Virginia Education Association Hit the Books
Card number:  none

Today's "card" is stretching the definition of what counts as a baseball card for a collection.  More specifically, today's so-called card is actually a bookmark put out by the Virginia Education Association back in 1993.   I wouldn't normally count bookmarks in my collection but this particular one was actually licensed by both MLB and MLBPA.  That makes it more "official" than a lot of oddball cards in my collection and thus I have no problem adding the bookmark to my Larkin binder as well!  

As for the bookmark itself, I have no idea what Larkin is the one who gets the quote on the front.  I'm also not sure that describing reading as "directing a movie in your mind" is really the best way to convince kids to avoid the screen.  I mean, if you want a movie, watch a movie - right?!  Despite the dubious pep talk, I do like this bookmark mostly because of how strange I find it - I mean, where else do you find both a quote from Barry Larkin and Francois Mitterrand (who was the president of France in 1993)?  

I mean, why Larkin and why the president of France?  

I have so many questions.


  1. Cool oddball item. I went over to eBay to see if they created bookmarks with quotes from other players and there were a bunch.

  2. It's too bad that the player's image couldn't have been added to these.


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