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TCDB Monday: (Who Needs New Heritage?)

Last week, I had a single trade arrive at my house from TCDB.  Trading has certainly slowed down for me lately but I'm still happy anytime I can work out a deal for something off of my want list - and that's exactly what happened with user Kurt18 when I saw he had a Topps Heritage short print that I needed from the 2009 set.

That's right, I'm still working on the 2009 Heritage set.  You all can enjoy the 2023 Heritage all you want, for me, I'm not buying any new Heritage for myself until I finish the various sets that I'm working on still from 2009:

2009 Topps Heritage (Low and High Series) Wants:
Base:  698 (Gary Sheffield)
Rookie Performers:  RP-03 (Andrew McCutchen)

Yep, thanks to the trade I'm now down to needing only two more cards.  If (when?) I get those in hand, then and only then will I allow myself the option to collect a new edition of Topps Heritage.  At the rate I've been going, that might be around the year 2038 or so.


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