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Today's Monday but unfortunately I don't have any TCDB trades to report on.  I'm still waiting on one trade to show up from over a month ago but otherwise there's nothing in the "pipeline" right now.  Thus, since I have no new cards to show off I figured I'd ask a question for all of you instead:

Question:  What do you do with complete (or nearly complete) sets you no longer want/have room for?

This is a question that's been plaguing me more and more.  I'm a set collector at heart and as such, I've collected a fair number of sets (I've got three bookcases full of set binders).  Unfortunately, I've nearly reached my storage limit for baseball cards and so I need to figure something out!  As I see it, I have a few options:

Option 1:  Stop collecting new cards
Option 2:  Store cards in boxes rather than binders
Option 3:  Clear out some already completed sets to make room for new sets

For me, option 1 might be pragmatic but as a baseball card collector what's pragmatism got to do with anything?!  I don't like that option.

For option 2, part of my enjoyment of cards is being able to look through my cards in a binder.  Cards in boxes will simply sit in their boxes...unloved and unlooked at for eternity.  I don't like this option either.

That leaves me with option 3 which I think is my best choice - but that leads me back to the question at the top of the post:  How to actually go about making room via getting rid of sets I've collected in the past?

Selling on Facebook/Twitter?

Seriously, help me out here!  

I should probably note that I don't have any baseball card shops near me so that isn't an option (and also I have no idea if baseball card shops still buy cards from people).


  1. I'd box the sets I don't think I'd look at before clearing them out. If they're in boxes and you don't miss them, that's a sign.

    1. That's good advice!

      Personally I'm fine with having most of my cards in boxes. The binders are for favorite players and for stuff of value (pre-junk wax stars, post-junk wax rookies, all autos, parallels of good players, and so on).

  2. I'm approaching this same situation in my card room. I could adjust the one shelving unit to accommodate more binders, but that's kind of a pain. I've been doing option 3 to prepare, and I've found there are some bindered sets that I am not as fond of as I once was, so throwing them in a box is not a worry.

  3. How is it that we're all running out of room at the same time? I'm trying to get completed sets in binders so that I can move the boxes out of the way! I'm trying to sell the stuff I don't want anymore on buysportscards.com or trade on TCDB for cards that I need. I can already see how space is going to become a problem really soon. My wife suggested getting my son to build me more shelving space.

  4. I'm honestly trying option #1, but because I only have one bookshelf (and half of it is taken up by team PCs) I've had to put lower-value/interest sets in binder and put those binders in boxes in a closet. So I'm stuck between #2 and #3.

    I also have several sets in 600-800 ct boxes, bigger ones like Topps flagship that won't fit in one binder. Perhaps a hybrid approach might work for your collection?

  5. I am in the process of putting my binders on bookshelves as well. Lucky for me I have 2 bookshelves filled w/my basketball sets so I can add to that if I want to & I have 2 shelves also filled with my football sets I put a hault on doing anymore football sets unless it's something that I have to have. Now my advice is there sets you don't want to have & feel like hhhhmmm maybe I shouldn't take the time to make maybe I just need to unload it well...that's where I come in to asking if you have any sets your not interested in trying to finish I just might be interested in them or see if there's ways you could help someone out with what you have that could possibly finish their set needs again where I come into the process cause of my huge amount of needs I can't locate some the cards I have told countless friends whom seen my collection they're in shock when I saw somewhere someone has the missing ones that I need in a binder or a monster box heck I could show you a picture of a shop where I like to go through the monster boxes & still not find everything that I need so if you want me to send you my complete list of what I need still lmk & I'll help you out with the clutter if it's something that I might need otherwise I hope you can finish your set needs & find a great solution for your sets. Currently I am trying to organize my hockey sets on to bookshelves then I'll tackle on my Baseball sets when my friend of the famed blog The Collective Mind visits me prior to attending this year's National Sports Card Convention in Rosemont plus I try to help others in completing their needs alot since when they see my lists if needs they just are in shock of disappointment & sometimes have 1 to 5 cards from my lists. So Mr Nachos lmk & I'll find a way to get you my lists of things thanks for reading & I hope that my advice helps you out.

  6. Well, I could never do #1 so that option doesn't exist to me! I'm currently on Option 2. I really wish I could binder all my sets, but space is at a premium, part of apartment living. All sets are in 800ct boxes. At least I have those all organized so t least I can get to them to put in missing cards or to pull out and enjoy as I see fit.

  7. I know you said you don't like the #2 option... but that's what I've been doing for close to a decade. I'm in probable a completely different situation though... where I can only have around 30 sets in binders... but own hundreds of sets.

    As for option #3, I've never done it... but I heard FB is a great place to move cards. I've only moved sets a few times (Junk Wax Era sets that I had duplicates of) and I either used Craigslist or dumped them at the flea market. Best of luck on whatever you choose to do.

  8. It's not an option that most people these days consider, but if any of the unwanted sets are of the lower value variety, you could always donate them to a local thrift store. Most benefit a good cause, so things of any value help said good cause.


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