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Board Game Friday: My August 2023 BGG Math Trade Haul!

For the fourth month in a row, I took part in BoardGameGeek's monthly math trade - basically an algorithm induced trading set-up for board games.  As in July, the month of August netted me a total of two trades and now with box games in hand, I'm here to show them off!

Trade 1:
Giving:  Cash n Guns
Getting:  For Sale

First up, a small box (travel version) of For Sale.

For Sale is a quick auction bidding game designed for 3-6 people.  I specifically traded for this game hoping that it'll be a hit come the holiday season with my family.  What I didn't realize is that I ended up trading for the smaller travel version of the game...while I appreciate the shelf spacing being saved, I do hope that this version is equivalent to the regular version!

Trade 2:
Giving:  Love Letter Batman 
Getting:  The Quest for El Dorado plus The Golden Temples expansion

In addition to the base game, I also got the Golden Temples expansion for the game.  Quest for El Dorado is a deck building game which is a genre I like quite a bit.  Designed for 2-4 players, I'm definitely excited to get this one to the table!  

Both of the games that I traded for a fairly lightweight games so I'm hoping for some fun times with the family later this year.  Unfortunately, my son (who's only five) has seemingly moved on from being interested in board games - no real surprise given how many games we played all summer!  That being said, I don't think he'd be quite old enough for either of these games anyhow, so there's still time for him to switch back into liking board games!  

As for the monthly math trades on boardgamegeek, I can report that the September edition was just finalized and I took part in that one as well.  I don't have any of the games from that swap in hand yet, but stay tuned because hopefully I'll have some more new additions to show off in the near future!