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In an effort to honor my friend Ryan (see all the details about that on my earlier post this week), I am going to be giving away my remaining stock of his custom baseball cards.  Quite some time ago, he gave me a large box of his custom minis to send out in the various trades that I do on the blog.  I've got quite a few "base" cards from his set to send out as well as some other special surprises that he created (for example, did you know that there are some serially-numbered parallels in his set)?!  I'm not asking for anything in return, I simply want to do one last honor for Ryan...so if you are interested please fill out this quick form.

I'll probably leave the form open for a week or so and then start mailing out packages.  


  1. Thank you again Chris!

  2. Thank you for doing this to honor the memory of Ryan. It would be an honor to be included.

  3. A fitting way to honor your friend


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