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Lots of Sportlots.

Over the past few days, I received three more single card PWEs in the mail from various Sportlots orders.  I figured why not show them all off at once here today?

Let's start with this 2012 Panini Cooperstown "Induction Year" insert of Barry Larkin.

Yes, it's super lame that there isn't a picture of Larkin on the card BUT this card is actually printed on super thing wood and having an actual image probably wouldn't end up looking good at all.  I like it for it's novelty, though I don't want the idea to catch on of having Larkin cards without Larkin actually on the card somewhere.

Next, another Panini Barry Larkin card though this time it's from 2021.

That's a Donruss Optic Mythical Holo parallel (basically a refractor parallel of the original Mythical insert set).  I think this particular card looks quite nice - especially with the refractor Holo treatment.

Finally, my lone non-Larkin card purchase of the grouping - a 2010 National Chicle short print of Ichiro.

Yeah, I'm still plugging away at my National Chicle set build, even if I no longer love the set.  With Ichiro in my binder now, I'm only missing one more card for the set!

That does it for this batch of cards - the rest of my Sportlots purchase should arrive all at once since I made use of their "box shipping" idea.  Who knows when I'll actually get that sent my way - but with card collecting, patience is definitely a virtue!


  1. I have mixed feelings about those induction year cards. On one hand, they hardly count as a card for that player to me. On the other hand, they are pretty cool on the wood. I have the Ted Williams.

  2. I like the idea of cards on wood, but do worry a bit about how they'll hold up over time.


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