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The Non-Reds Frankenset: Cards #469 - 486

TCDB Monday (with an appearance by Sportlots)!

Another Monday, another chance to show off trades from TCDB (i.e. Trading Card Database).  In actuality, I only have one TCDB trade to show off from the past week - and it comes courtesy of user alexbanding:

Yep, I'm still plugging away at the Topps All Aces set from Series 2.  

While we are on the subject of the All Aces set, I can also show off two other cards from the same set that I received thanks to a recent Sportlots order:

I guess this past week was an "Ace of Spades" sort of week - I had no idea until all three cards were in hand that they all had the Ace of Spades in the background!  

Next week, I ought to have more TCDB trades to show off as I sent out a fair number of trades this past week!  Until then, I'll simply be satisfied having gotten three cards closer to knocking another set off of my want list!


  1. Mathewson looks cool on this type of card.

  2. Even though it's the same picture that everyone has been using for years, that Matty is the best looking Aces card I've seen so far.


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