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TCDB Monday: A Light Week but Still a Success

A Massive Monday TCDB Recap: 7 Trades!

A new month dawns and with it comes a new Monday.  And with that new Monday?  Well, how about your usual TCDB recap post?  

I didn't get around to doing much of a recap post last week so I do have a few packages to show off this week.  That's a good thing now because I didn't do any card trading at all last week - but at least I've got some content for today's post anyhow.

Let's start with a PWE from user gregm77:

That's a 2023 Panini Prizm Blue Ice parallel.  I'll never fully understand Panini's various parallels but I guess that no longer matters seeing as how it's basically Fanatics or nothing with sports cards these days.  

Next up, from user Rnc18 comes another PWE containing a single Barry Larkin card:

This is a 2021 Topps 70 Years of Baseball insert.  I'm not quite sure how I didn't own this already but hey, now I do.  I have definitely grown tired of Topps recycling their old designs in every set they produce today...keep that concept for Heritage (and Archives, if they must) but leave it out of all the other products!

Sticking with single card PWEs, the next is from user rencherg:

We go all the way back to 1996 for this particular Barry Larkin card - that's a Stadium Club "Pre-Production" card.  No idea at the moment what that means but I'll figure it out eventually.  I do know the card number is PP1 and that there are only six players featured in the Pre-Production set.

I'm not done yet!  Next up, yet another single card PWE (it's tough for me to find trade partners with multiple cards from my want list anymore)!  This particular package was courtesy of seaver78:

Yep, another single Larkin card - this one being a Stadium Club Chrome base card from 2021.  I recently updated my Larkin Collection for the year 2021 so now I get to try and pick off some of the "easier" targets over on TCDB.  

Next, a card from a set that I'd rather not know about seeing as how I'm a big Penn State fan...yep, you might have guessed it - a 2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines card of Barry Larkin courtesy of user MichiganFan9:

As a sucker for all things Larkin, I begrudgingly added this to my want list - and now I own in it in all of its icky maize and gold glory.  In all seriousness though, I am always happy to add a new card to my Larkin collection, even if it means having to stomach a Michigan card in my house.

The Larkin parade continues with yet another single card PWE, this time from user hershey:

That's a Turkey Red Chrome insert from 2020 Topps.  One of the stupidest, most useless insert amalgamations you can imagine but here I am, actively seeking the Larkin card regardless.

The final Larkin, and final trade, for the week comes courtesy of user RockBobnster88.   

We end with another useless Chrome parallel of sorts of a retread Topps design...but at least this card looks kind of cool (unlike that Turkey Red card which I think looks quite bad all the way around).  

All things considered, I had a good couple of weeks in terms of adding to my Larkin Collection.  Virtually everything else about the past couple of weeks has sucked, but at least there was a tiny bit of sunshine and happiness to hold on to.  Here's hoping for brighter skies again moving forward...and hopefully some more TCDB trades as well!


  1. Wow...I don't think I had any idea Barry Larkin went to Michigan!

  2. Lots of great Larkin cards. I do believe he was underappreciated when he was playing.


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