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Highlights from a Case of 2023 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box #2

Yesterday, I showed off the highlights of my first box of 2023 Allen & Ginter.  Today, I'm back with the highlights from my second box.

Box #2:

This time, we'll start with the hits.  In particular, the rip card!  

That's right, box #2 produced a rip card.  That Corey Seager is numbered out of 199 but I decided to rip it rather than keep it.  What was inside you ask?  

Yeah, oof.  Probably should have kept that rip card sealed up.  Extended minis don't do much for me as I don't have the budget to collect them.  

While we are on the hits, here are the other two from the box:

I wish Topps would ditch the full-sized relics and go back to only have framed relics.  I'm sure the full-sized are cheaper to produce but they also feel cheaper in hand.  For the cost of hobby boxes these days, I think Topps could make the set a little bit more collector friendly.

Box #2 produced two more Foil Filagree parallels - including a Julio Rodriguez short print!

Pretty good pair of players right there!

Unfortunately for me, Box #2 only provided me with four mini inserts - though two of which belonged to the The World of Wonder which is good since that's a 50 card set while the other two were part of the 30 card Only In... insert set.

I do like the idea behind both of the insert sets I pulled, kudos to Topps for that!

The final two cards of note in the box include my box topper - an Aaron Judge cabinet card.

Two boxes in and I now have two cabinet cards.  Still undecided whether or not I'll collect these.  I guess it'll depend in part on how the remainder of my case break goes.

Finally, we end with the rarest mini I've pulled in the case thus far - a Brooklyn back #/25 copies.

I love the hand numbering on these...hopefully by doing that Topps avoids having incorrectly serially numbered cards (unlike say Bowman).

Well, that does it for Box #2.  I'd say it was a solid box - even if the contents of the Rip Card were a bit underwhelming I'm still happy to have had the chance to rip the card!


  1. Seems fun. I actually quite like the Randy mini, but I totally get why you would rather have not ripped! Both Filagree's are pretty great too!

  2. Okay I'm going to have to look up the World of Wonder CL…

  3. Feel free to trade the Randy Johnson to an Expo collector.... ;) tcdb...;)

  4. Hmm, tricky one with the rip card. Hopefully no regrets and the RJ lands you something good.


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