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Barry Larkin Collection 991: 1995 Kahn's

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Kahn's
Card number:  none

Kahn's has been a long-time partner of the Reds, in particular by sponsoring the yearly baseball card giveaway.  The 1995 Kahn's set has a "vintage magazine" look to the card front while the back of the card is chock full of information.  Overall, I give the set high marks mostly because of the information overflow on card's reverse side.  I even like how you get to learn who signed Larkin originally!  All told, this is a great looking "oddball" card, and one heckuva nice stadium giveaway.  Definitely happy to have this one in my collection now!


  1. Very nice. I'm trying to find a few Kahns for my alumni PC and they're impressively difficult for me to track down.

    1. Yeah, they can be a real pain to find (esp. if you want a single player and not a full set)!


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