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TCDB Monday: A Light Week but Still a Success

Birthday Presents from Night Owl!

This week is my birthday week so what better way to celebrate than with a surprise trade package from everyone's favorite blogging fowl, the one and only Night Owl!  To be fair, Greg sent this particular package to me quite a few weeks ago but I've been woefully behind on scanning trade packages - but hey, now I can pretend it's a birthday present and we all win!

Greg sent me a pair of cards including a Barry Larkin card that he thought I didn't yet own.  Turns out, he was correct!

That's a 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red parallel of Larkin and it's numbered out of 100 on the reverse of the card.  It's not easy finding a Barry Larkin card I need these days, especially via surprise packages so thank you, Greg!  I also have to commend Leaf for how awesome that card looks when it's scanned - possibly one of the coolest looking scanned cards that I've seen in a long, long time!

In addition to the Larkin, Night Owl also sent along a Topps Fire rookie card of Reds' fireballer Hunter Green.  

I do hope that Hunter Green can figure out how to pitch (rather than throw) and also how to stay healthy.  Then again, I don't know how the human body can stay healthy when constantly throwing as hard as Green throws!  

Many thanks for the cards, Greg!  

Finally, if you haven't yet voted for my end-of-year awards, please do so by going here!


  1. Nice birthday cards there, and it is very impressive that anyone can find a Larkin card you need.

    Happy birthday! I cast my blog ballot. Excited to see the results even though some may be predictable.

  2. Happy birthday week!

  3. Happy birthday! Glad to see it arrived. I always get pumped when I find a card that a player-collector needs, it is not easy!! (P.S.: Got your notsosecretSanta mailing!)

  4. Happy belated birthday, Chris!


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