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A Nine Pockets Custom Card Prize Pack (VIDEO RIP)!

Today, I am pleased to share my video rip of a recent prize that I won over at Nine Pockets.  Greg, owner of Nine Pockets, is an excellent custom card creator who recently announced he was getting into the custom pack making business.  As such, he ran a giveaway for one of his custom packs and I was the person lucky enough to win!  

Greg's work is so exquisite that I felt the only proper way to show it off was via video form (with the full worry on my end that there would be a lot of pop culture references that I wouldn't get).  Yes, that's right, I was willing to look extra stupid simply to give Greg's work the well deserved chance to shine!  

So, what did my mystery pack contain?  You'll have to watch the video!

Thanks again, Greg for the wonderful cards.  Definitely happy to add to my collection of your custom work, you've officially made my "oddball" and "custom card" binder!


  1. Greg's work is fantastic! My favorite from your break would be the Costanza. Didn't realize he was also producing his own packs. That's so cool.

  2. Thanks very much for sharing the pack opening! I know the cards have a good home over there.

  3. Congratulations on your win!

  4. Great pack, thanks for sharing!


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