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A Quick Hit from eBay

This week is the final week of the regular semester so teaching/grading is in overdrive.  As such, expect some quick posts here at Nachos Grande!  

With that in mind, here's a quick eBay purchase that I made back in October.  

The seller listed this as an Orange Refractor (which I needed) but clearly the card was a Blue Refractor #/75 instead (which I did not need).  That being said, this one will end up in my Larkin trade bait, hopefully to be used in the future to acquire a similarly low-numbered Larkin card that I do need.  At least it's a good looking card to have a double of!


  1. Great card, bummer you didn't need it (and that the auction title was misleading)

    Hope you find the Orange refractor - and a trade partner for your extra Blue.


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