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Barry Larkin Collection 993: 1994 Bowman - #471 - Superstar Sampler

Barry Larkin
Year:  1994
Brand:  Bowman
Parallel set:  Superstar Sampler
Card number:  471

In 1994, Topps inserted Superstar Sampler cards into their factory sets.  The Superstar Samplers came in three varieties (Bowman, Finest, and Stadium Club).  Each player on the checklist had one card for each design and with today's post I'm pleased to announce that I now own each of Barry Larkin's three Superstar Sampler designs (here's his Finest card and his Stadium Club card).  As for this card, it basically looks exactly like Larkin's regular 1994 Bowman card with the obvious addition of the Superstar Sampler logo on the card back.  

While I'm certainly happy to have this card in my collection, it's even more exciting for me because I'm now down to needing only seven more Barry Larkin cards from 1994!  For those that are wondering, as of the time of this post I still am looking for the following:

  • 1994 X95 Bowman's Best Refractors
  • 1994 171 Collector's Choice Gold Signature
  • 1994 240 Finest Refractors
  • 1994 12 Pinnacle Artist's Proofs
  • 1994 23 SP Special F/X (Holoviews Die Cuts)
  • 1994 250 Topps Spanish
  • 1994 26 Upper Deck All-Star Jumbos - Gold

That's it - if I can ever find those final seven cards then I'll have Larkin's full run of 1994 baseball cards (at least, so far as I am aware - also I ignore anything with a stated print run of less than 25 copies).  My collection, my rules!


  1. The first time I heard of these cards was a few years ago when I picked up a 1994 Topps factory set at the flea market. The box mentions it contains a sampler pack... and that stirred my curiosity enough to pick up the set.


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