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Barry Larkin Collection 994: 1995 Pacific Prism - #33

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Pacific Prism
Card number:  33

The mid-90s were when Pacific really started to off the rails (in the best ways possible) when it came to their card designs.  For my money, the 1995 Pacific Prism set is one of the most gloriously garish sets from that era of baseball cards.  The card front has foil overload with a rather difficult-to-read player name.  The card back seems to draw inspiration from the old 90s Sears photo background.  There aren't any player statistics on the card back, I guess Pacific was confident enough in their tiny blurb (written in both Spanish and English).  This is one of those card designs that my entire brain tells me I should hate (garish, hard-to-read, etc.) and yet my heart kind of loves it.  I guess nostalgia hits hard!


  1. I wasn't a fan of Pacific back in the 90's... but I've really grown to appreciate their use of well cropped photos. Add that to the "gloriously garish" prizm background and you have a really cool card product.

  2. Who needed stats with a front like that!


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