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Board Game Friday (on a Wednesday): November 2023 Board Game Plays Recap!

I typically reserve Fridays for my board game posts but I'm making an exception this week because all of my Fridays in December are going to be booked with my Top 50 Board Games of 2023 countdown.  Lucky you, you get two board game-centric posts this week!

Back in October, I only managed to play a total of 10 plays after only 9 plays in September.  Luckily, November was a return to a bit more regular board gaming - I ended the month with a total of 31 plays spread across 16 different games.  Definitely a solid month of gaming!

Here's the full visual of my month in board games:

Of those, I'll note that Wandering Towers is a brand new game for me and it instantly became a hit with my son.  I think this will be a great game to show the family over the holidays as it plays up to six people (and will probably be more fun with more people).  Other new-to-me games this month included Unmatched Adventures:  Tales to Amaze (loved it) and The Quest for El Dorado (super fun as well).  Finally, Tenpenny Parks rounded out the new games and that one was also a hit (my son loved it despite the 14+ age recommendation).

Here's a closer view of the Top 9 games of the month (though that's kind of misleading since there were eight games that I only played once each in November).

Longtime readers of my monthly board game recaps will notice the (almost) complete lack of Ticket to Ride games - only three total games spread across the OG game and TtR: Japan.  I'll note that my five-year-old son soundly beat my wife and I in our lone play of TtR: Japan all on his own!

I've got family rolling in for the holidays in another week or so - and with that I fully expect I'll get some more gaming in.  I also would like to get back to playing on Board Game Arena, there are so many good games that I'd like to learn but simply don't have the time (or audience) to play with in person.