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Delivery Time! Mail from Reader David (Custom Cards from When Topps Had (Base)Balls)

I've got a quick mail day "thank you" post today.  Actually, in a way this a double thank-you post as I'm saying "thanks" to David who sent me this PWE as a way of saying "thanks" for cards that I had sent him awhile back (specifically, some of my friend Ryan's custom minis).  I wasn't looking for anything in return for those custom mini giveaways but David didn't listen and sent me something anyway so let's get to it!

The two cards that David sent my way were both from When Topps Had (Base)Balls custom work, kind of neat seeing all the wonderful custom cards out there!

That's a Gimmie a Do-Over card of George Foster - complete on the backside with the date that the card originally appeared on the When Topps Had (Base)Balls blog.  That's a fun touch for sure!

The other card in the package was this lovely little Pete Rose custom work:

I feel like I should be able to place the inspiration for that custom card in terms of the original set design but my brain is already on holiday break and so I'm drawing a blank at the moment!

Thanks again, David, for the cards!