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TCDB Monday: A Light Week but Still a Success

Only one TCDB trade came in during the past week but that's okay since I only sent out three offers (one accepted, one declined, and one hasn't been responded to you).  It's getting tricky for me to find new trading partners as my want list continues to shrink (and other than some new Barry Larkin cards, I haven't added anything to my want list in awhile).  Still, there was one successful trade so we'll focus on that.

Today's swap comes courtesy of user tmgarner1:

That's a 2019 Topps Stadium Club card of Barry Larkin, part of the Chrome insert set (originally seeded 1 per box if I'm not mistaken).  I generally love the look of Stadium Club cards and when you add in the Chrome shiny to them, they can be quite gorgeous!  This card didn't scan the best (and it got crooked on my scanner bed, sorry) but I assure you it looks great in person.

Thanks a lot to tmgarner1 for another nice trade - and for giving something fun in my mailbox this week!  I'm assuming that trades will continue to slow down here until maybe the 2024 products start getting released? 

Have a good week, everyone!