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TCDB Monday: Sending Out Over 3,500 Cards!!

Happy Monday, everyone.  I can only hope my Monday is a happy one in that we are supposed to get a big winter storm tonight...and if we do, then I probably can't get to work the next day (believe it or not, this is the "not happy" scenario as I've already missed two out of the first four Tuesdays of the semester due to weather issues)!  

Anyhow, you aren't here for my scintillating weather talk, no, you want to see some cards.  Unfortunately, I don't have any cards to show off this week.  I only agreed to (and mailed out) cards for a single trade but my end of that trade still hasn't been sent according to TCDB updates.  I can only hope to have the results of the trade to show off next week.  

Since I have no new cards to show off today, I thought it'd be a perfect time to highlight my TCDB stats for the past several years.

As you can see, I make a concerted effort to trade away more cards than I bring in to my house.  In total, I've traded away 1,669 more cards than I've brought in...that's definitely helping to keep my collection under a bit more control! 

Unfortunately for trading purposes, my want list is now quite small - basically Barry Larkin cards plus short prints or other somewhat hard-to-find cards for my various set builds.  That being said, with the release of new 2024 products now happening I imagine I'll have a bunch more "common" Barry Larkin cards that I'll be looking for, plus who knows, maybe I'll go after this year's flagship set again since I liked the initial design previews!  

Have a good Monday, everyone...and stay safe if you are impacted by the winter weather!  On the bright side, if I am stuck at home inside tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to find some more trade partners over on TCDB.