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Board Game Friday: My February 2024 Math Trade Haul!

I fully admit that I collect too many things (baseball cards, LEGO, board games, etc.) but at least I try to keep my collections in some sort of responsible manner.  That is, I do a lot of trading as opposed to a ton of buying...so that has to count for something, right?!  

Today, I've got the results of the February board game Math Trade run over on Boardgamegeek.  This is my sixth every successful Math Trade (I've entered at least one month where I didn't match up for any trades so I don't count that).  Anyhow, in February I was able to bring in two new-to-me games for my collection.

Trade 1:
Giving:  The Quest Kids (plus expansion)
Getting:  Burgle Bros.

Burgle Bros is a cooperative game set around breaking into safes and escaping before being tracked down by security guards.  It's a game that I've long wanted to try so I'm certainly happy to have it in my collection.  I gave up The Quest Kids (plus expansion).  Quest Kids was a game that my son loved as a youngster - it's basically a "baby's first dungeon crawler" where the emphasis is purely on helping other people out.  It's a great family coop game but now that my son is playing more advanced games there's no way I'd want to return to Quest Kids.  Originally, I thought that the expansion might help prolong the game's lifespan in our household but after a few plays of the expansion we all agreed that it simply added too much bloat to the game.  Finally, because of my many, many collections I look at it as an extra bonus that I was able to to trade away two boxes and only bring back one box (and a much smaller one at that)!

Trade 2:
Giving:  Disney Villainous
Getting:  Res Arcana

I don't know a lot about Res Arcana but it's one of those games that seems quite popular with a lot of different people.  I do know that I tried Disney Villainous and I simply bounced off it quite hard.  To me, Villainous felt like a game where you just cycle through your deck until you find the one card you need and then you win.  The art was great, the individual characters were compelling, but the actual gameplay loop was one of the most boring, anticlimactic games I've played in a long time.  I can't see why Villainous is a popular line of games based on my experience...and thus, I was basically willing to trade Villainous for pretty much anything!

That was my haul for February 2024!  I do hope to continue to participate in Math Trades moving forward, it's a fun way to get to try a lot of games without the expense of buying lots of games.  Hopefully, I'll have more board game hauls to show off in future months.


  1. Burgle Bros sounds like a really fun board game. I can imagine it gets humorous at times too?

    1. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet (or even read the rules) but I'm definitely looking forward to it! I'll have to report back.

  2. That's really cool that they have a website for trading board games. I can imagine collecting them can take up storage space... just like unopened Lego sets. I know from the Lego standpoint that I have to be really picky about what I'm going to buy, because I just don't have the space to put new sets. Plus life has been so busy the past two years that I really haven't had time to build all of these sets... so they are just piling up.

  3. Totally agree on Villainous. Super strange game design.


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