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A TCDB Mailbag on One of the Best Mondays of the Year!

Today marks the first day of the final week of the regular semester for the college where I teach.  If that isn't enough to cheer me up, I've also got a week's worth of TCDB mailings to show off.  Let's get this week started!

We'll begin with a PWE from user bbcards56:

I'm still slowly plugging away at the 2024 Topps Series 1 1989 Silver Pack Chrome set.  I know there are a couple of guys in the set that will be a pain to track down (Elly de la Cruz being one).  However, I'll worry about that bridge when I get there, for now I'm happy to have three more needed cards for my set!

Next up, even more Chrome cards this time from user Engine614:

Yep, a nice assortment there consisting of nine needed Chrome cards.  The highlight for me personally is the Encarnacion-Strand card.  I had high hopes for Christian this year but unfortunately he's scuffled for most of the early part of the season.  I haven't given up on him yet though, nor have I given up on my quest to collect all 100 Chrome cards from this year's Topps set!

Finally, no reason to keep the 1989 Chrome train stopping quite yet.  My last trade of the past week was with user GWSeier_Tigers:

This was a simple 3-for-3 1989 Chrome trade, I sent him three, he sent me three in return.  

Overall, not a ton of trades last week but what I did get was great in that I made some very solid progress on my set build (15% gained in the past week alone).  As always, if anyone reading this has any cards that I'm looking for, I'd love to work out a trade!  Let me know!