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Barry Larkin Collection 1,015: 1995 Stadium Club - #211 - Member's Only

Barry Larkin
Brand:  Stadium Club
Parallel set:  Member's Only
Card number:  211

Today, we have the Member's Only parallel of Larkin's "Best Seat in the House" subset card.  Topps featured Barry Larkin a lot in the 1995 Stadium Club set, a move that proved to be wise given that Barry won the MVP in '95!  As for this particular card, it's most definitely NOT a MVP-type parallel, basically it's nothing more than another gold stamp on a card front that already had two gold stamps (if you count the Stadium Club logo).  Glad to have this one in my collection because I'm a sucker who wants all the Larkin cards I can get, but I'd be lying if I said I actually like the concept of Member's Only parallels having a gold stamp and nothing else interesting.  


  1. Someone at Topps was fixated on gold foil and circles. I'm starting to associate 90's gold foil more with Stadium Club than Pacific.


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