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Blue (La Da Dee Da Da Da)

I'm sticking with eBay to try and track down the various Barry Larkin parallels from this year's throwback Chrome set (which is based on the 1989 Topps design).  I recently acquired the Blue parallel which happens to be numbered out of 150 copies:

I think these parallels will look great in a binder page once I'm able to track them all down.  Of course, the odds of me actually completing the full run of parallels is slim-to-none but at least I'm one card closer today!

With the Blue Chrome Foil now in hand, I officially own eight different Barry Larkin cards from 2024 Topps!  Kind of crazy how many different cards he has considering he isn't even a current player.  Also, it kind of makes you wonder why someone (i.e. me) would ever choose to be a player collector.  I guess the thrill is in the chase, even if you know deep down you'll never actually get all the cards out there?  


  1. That is a very nice looking card!

  2. As much as I find having parallels of these inserts to be a tad bit silly... I've gotta admit tracking down nine different colors is going to make one really cool 9-pocket page.


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