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Board Game Friday: Learning Dungeons & Dragons?!

I recently picked up a copy of a game called Dungeons & Dragons:  Adventure Begins which is basically a kids game that serves as an early entry into the D&D world.  Now, for all of my "geek cred" that I have (I mean, I teach math after all), I have never played D&D proper in my life.  

As such, that kids game has served as my entry into the world of Dungeons and Dragons as well.  What I didn't expect from playing the game with my son was how much he took to the creative side of the game - so much so that I now am starting to look into a way to play D&D properly, but at a level that will be fun for my son.

This is all quite new to me, so for now I'm simply throwing the question out there to anyone reading this.  Any good ideas for me?  Any good online resources?  Any items I ought to look into purchasing/trading for?  Let me know as I know the D&D community is huge!


  1. I played D&D a long time ago back in high school and college. Lots of fun, although depending on the number of people involved could take a long time to play!

  2. I only played D&D with the other neighborhood kids back in the 80's... and I doubt we played it the correct way. One of my former co-workers was a huge D&D guy. I always hinted that he should start a D&D club at our school... and that I'd totally join. But he never got around to doing it before retiring two years ago.


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