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Introducing: The Ultimate Ginter Full-Sized Insert Set Bracket!

Back in 2020, I ran a Allen & Ginter Mini Set Bracket Contest/Challenge where I took all of the mini sets in Topps Allen & Ginter across all years (up until 2020, obviously) and held a series of votes to determine the best mini set in each year.  From there, I used the results of the voting to seed a full bracket of mini sets where we then had a "March Madness" type competition go on until there was only one mini set left standing as the overall champion (you'll have to see my series of posts if you'd like to remind yourself of what mini set won).  

While that series was a lot of work on my end, it was also quite a bit of fun to run (and I learned a lot while I researched each post).  Since it worked so well for the mini sets back then, I thought it's time to revive the concept this year except I plan to only focus on the full-sized inserts from Topps Allen & Ginter over the years.  

I probably shouldn't start this series during one of the busiest times of the academic year (this week is full of exams and then two weeks from now it is final exam week), however, since I plan to space the posts out a bit I think I can make it all work out alright!  

A few ground rules before we can begin though.  First, I'm not going to consider any regional exclusives, hobby dealer giveaways, promo cards, or other oddities like that in the contest.  All of the full-sized inserts had to be found in either hobby or retail packs.  I'm also not considering anything from Allen & Ginter offshoot sets (X, Chrome, etc).  Finally, I'm not counting "hits" (autographs, relics, rip cards, printing plates, etc.) as full-sized inserts, nor am I counting box toppers.  

I hope to have the first proper entry for the Full-Sized Insert Set Bracket voting live on my blog tomorrow, so check back then to start the voting process!


  1. Sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to the reveal.

  2. I agree with your decisions...for example, it really wouldn't be fair to compare autographs and such against standard insert sets. I'll certainly be voting!

  3. Sounds like fun. I've got a few sets in mind that I plan on voting for.


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