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The Ultimate Ginter Full-Sized Insert Set Bracket!: Seeding Vote #1 (2006)

For the first part of the bracket creation, we need to seed the various full-sized insert sets.  I thought it'd be fun to first have a vote for the best insert set within each year and use each year vote winner as a top seed.  From there, I'll fill in the rest of the bracket with the remaining full-sized sets.

I also hope that each of these Seeding Vote posts give you a bit of information about each of the insert sets for a specific year.  That should help with your voting as we move forward into the heart of the Ultimate Ginter Full-Sized Insert Set Bracket.  I laid out the rest of the ground rules in my introductory post so feel free to check that post out as well.  Now, we move on to the good stuff (and remember to vote at the bottom of the post by leaving a comment with your choice)!

We begin where it all started for Topps:  2006, the inaugural year for Topps' version of Allen & Ginter.  Believe it or not, there was a time with Topps producing Allen & Ginter where the set wasn't loaded with inserts of every size and shape.  In fact, the 2006 set had only one full-sized insert to track down. The set in question was the set of Dick Perez Sketch cards.  

Overall, the sketch cards were quite easy to find in packs as they were seeded one-per-pack unless that pack held a different hit.  In reality, the Sketch Cards kind of served as a way to thwart pack searchers as the Sketch Cards were printed on heavier cardstock, similar to that of a relic card.  

In total, the Dick Perez Sketch card set contains a total of 30 subjects, one for each team.  Here's the full checklist:
  1. Shawn Green
  2. Andruw Jones
  3. Miguel Tejada
  4. David Ortiz
  5. Derrek Lee
  6. Paul Konerko
  7. Ken Griffey, Jr.
  8. Travis Hafner
  9. Todd Helton
  10. Ivan Rodriguez
  11. Miguel Cabrera
  12. Lance Berkman
  13. Mike Sweeney
  14. Vladimir Guerrero
  15. Rafael Furcal
  16. Carlos Lee
  17. Johan Santana
  18. David Wright
  19. Alex Rodriguez
  20. Huston Street
  21. Bobby Abreu
  22. Jason Bay
  23. Jake Peavy
  24. Ichiro Suzuki
  25. Barry Bonds
  26. Albert Pujols
  27. Aubrey Huff
  28. Mark Teixeira
  29. Vernon Wells
  30. Alfonso Soriano
Alright, so with only one set this is an easy choice for a vote of "best set from the year 2006."  However, your vote is still valuable because I seed each year's winners against the other winners based on total votes received!  Therefore, show the Dick Perez set some love and let's get the voting party started!  

PS:  If you'd like to see scans of the entire set, I showcased this particular insert in a previous entry of my Complete Set Collection series of posts (way back in 2022)!


  1. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. B^)

    I tend to prefer baseball parts of A&G over others, so this would probably have a good shot of getting my vote even if it had competition.

  2. The problem with 1 per pack odds is that they are more common than common cards. 06 A&G was all about the mini cards. To my knowledge it was the first tobacco sized insert that has been used every year since and also in a bunch of other products. I always found it odd they didn't include the Dick Perez cards in mini form.

  3. Any set with Jake Peavey in it would get my vote.

  4. Dick Perez are is EXTREMELY hit-or-miss for me. This is a miss.

  5. This is a tough one!

  6. I much prefer the collaboration between Donruss and Perez... than Topps and Perez. But since it doesn't have any competition, it gets my vote.


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