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Back on TCDB, Back Getting Cards in the Mail!

After spending almost two weeks overseas leading a class trip to Italy and Greece, I'm now back home and getting back into the swing of baseball card related activities.  One of my first goals when I returned home (after unpacking and all that not-so-fun stuff) was to get back to trading on TCDB.  I sent out a number of trade proposals and one such trade was quickly agreed to and sent off to me.  

I should have more trades to show off next week but for this week at least I have one.  It's actually an error card from the 1993 Topps set.  

The front of this card shows cards #1-22 when it ought to show cards #23 - 44.  You might be asking why I wanted this card?  Well, it just so happens that Barry Larkin is card #11 in the set and thus he's featured on this error card!

With the above card now firmly in my collection, I'm down to needing only eight more Barry Larkin cards from the year 1993!  Here's the full list of what I'm still searching for, perhaps you can help me out?!

1993 23 Donruss Elite Barry Larkin
1993 5 Donruss Elite Supers Barry Larkin
1993 114 Finest Refractors Barry Larkin
1993 26 Pinnacle Cooperstown Dufex Barry Larkin
1993 26 Pinnacle Cooperstown Promo Barry Larkin
1993 53 SCD Sports Card Pocket Guide Barry Larkin
1993 A/B/C/D Topps Black Gold Redemption Card
1993 473 Upper Deck Gold Hologram Jose Rijo/ Rob Dibble/ Roberto Kelly/ Reggie Sanders/ Barry Larkin

It seems entirely plausible that I could (someday) actually complete the year 1993 in terms of Barry Larkin cards!  


  1. Welcome back home; hopefully it went well. Let's see, Greece in '21, Rome/Naples last year and I'm typing this while sitting in Stuttgart right now. Had to see the castles, lots and lots of castles...

    1. Awesome! I've never been to Stuggart.

  2. Nice. I'm pretty sure I need all of the Topps Gold Winner cards featuring Gwynn.


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