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Board Game Friday: May 2024 Board Game Arena Plays!

Lately, I've been getting most of my board game playing "fix" by playing games online over at Board Game Arena.  In fact, despite being overseas for two weeks in May, I still managed to complete 44 games on the site last month!

Here's the full list of what I played in May:

As you can see, I played 7 Wonders Duel, Ticket to Ride, and Lost Ruins of Arnak quite a bit.  Overall, for the month I won 17 out of the 44 games for a 38.6% winning percentage.  It's worth noting that many of the games I played were with more than one opponent so that 38% winning percentage isn't too bad!  

I'm loving Lost Ruins of Arnak, a game I played in person a long time ago but only recently rediscovered the game via Board Game Arena.

I also had a chance to play the "flip side" of the game board for the first time which definitely mixes the game flow up quite a bit.  I love the variety in Arnak, no game seems to play out the same way and yet the rules are pretty simple!  Heck, I introduced Lost Ruins of Arnak to my mom last week and now I think she might be hooked on it as well (you'll see this game show up in my "in person" board game plays recap for the month of June)!

Finally, I'll end as I usually do with an invite to anyone out there who is interested in playing board games online.  I'd be happy to play with you - and I'm always up for learning a new game so don't hesitate to reach out!