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Happy TCDB Monday!

I'm back from vacation and happy to report that I received a couple of trades via TCDB while I was gone last week!  I definitely plan to get back into trading - so if you have anything from my want list let me know and hopefully we can work something out!

Let's begin with a simple single card PWE trade from user Donnie Sawyer:

While that may look like a boring 1987 Topps card, it's actually a 2017 Topps New Era card!  According to Cardboard Connection:
Each containing eight cards, a 2017 Topps New Era Baseball pack is earned by purchasing a New Era hat and a Topps factory team set at your team's stadium store. Obviously, it is good to check that the promotion is available before you make your purchase.
Yeesh, that's a lot of work for yet another 1987 Topps design card!  Obviously, I'd much rather simply trade for the one card I want rather than buying a bunch of hats and factory sets hoping for the best.

My other trade that arrived last week was from TCDB user alexbending:

Yep, another needed Barry Larkin card, this time from the year 2022.  The card above is a Blue Retail Base parallel of Larkin's regular 2022 Panini Select card.  Generally speaking, I don't think blue parallels look great for Cincinnati Reds cards but this one happens to be quite sharp looking thanks to the little red "arrows" on the side of each card.  That extra bit of color definitely ties everything together and makes for a sweet card!  I promise the card looks MUCH better in hand as compared to what my scanner produced for the above photo.

Always a good week to add a couple more Barry Larkin cards to my collection!  Have a great Monday, everyone.