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TCDB Monday: Trying to Get This Going Again!

I have nothing new to show off today from TCDB trades.  I guess being out of the country for a couple of weeks will put a damper on one's trading!  Thus, while today's post is basically a wash, I am optimistic that I'll have more to show off next week since last night I sent out a number of trade proposals.

One trade has already been accepted, so if nothing else I should have at least one package to show off next week!  That being said, I also recently added the many, many Barry Larkin parallels that I need from the new 2023 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary set...so maybe that will also spur some new trading action soon!  I'll also note that later this week I plan to write a review of a box of 2023 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary, so look for that in a couple of days (if all goes well)!

Have a good Monday, everyone!  


  1. Just watched a guy bust a hobby box of 2023 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary. He pulled a bunch of numbered colored refractors. I'd consider buying a blaster... but I'm still working on the 2021 set.


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