Friday, October 10, 2008

Baseball's Most Embarrassing People, Places, and Things

I found this link on another website - and I simply had to comment. First, read the article, then come back here.

...back? Ok, good.

My thoughts:

1. Seattle Mariners - Yeah, they were pretty much embarrassing this year...but not nearly as embarrassing as where I picked them to finish back in spring training (stay tuned for my AL West recap in the near future).

2. Shea - Ok, I agree here too, Shea's a dump.

3. Cincinnati Reds' owner and GM - Ha! This is what led me to the article in the first place... You can read all about what I think about the GM and owner's letter to the fans here.

4. Kyle Farnsworth - I completely missed this "story" when it occurred, and personally, who cares? I don't think poor Kyle deserves to be on the same list as Shea, the woeful Mariners, and the two bumbling front office members of the Reds.

5. Jim "Fresh Bagels" Bowden - Seriously, that's awesome. Any Reds fan pretty much hates Bowden for all the stupid things he did. The leather pants really were the icing on the cake though... Now poor Washington has to deal with Bowden - and he still covets the same losing players he did when he was the Reds' GM. In fact, he's managed to turn the Nationals into Cincinnati East (which isn't a good thing for Nats fans).

Now, the real question is: Who or what do you think are baseball's most embarrassing people, places, and things?

My votes: Steroids, Clemens, Scott Boras, and the unbalanced division (6 in the NL Central, 4 in the AL West).



CK0712 said...

Freds, can't answer without being random: your pics & your notations with the pics are awesome, that is all!

the know nothing at all about baseball chick (lol)

Lester's Legends said...

An exhibition game determining home field for the Crown Jewel of the sport.

Doesn't get much dumber than that.

tcp said...

I have to agree with Lester here. The fact that home-field is determined by players who will never even smell the postseason is a joke.

Others that are on my list include, but are not limited to, the following:

Anything that involves Scott Boras, the 6 teams in the NL Central and 4 teams in the AL West deal (I will never figure that one out...I know it's mathematical but it is still a stupid reason), Bud Selig's inaction concerning steroids, and seeing 600 people show up for a Marlins game in August when they are only 5 games out of the division.

FanOfReds said...

ck: Thanks! You keep readin' my blog and you'll learn all you ever wanted to know about baseball!

lester: Yeah, I should have put that one down for sure. "This time it counts" is a bunch of crap.

tcp: I can't believe I forgot the Marlins' *ahem* crowd. You are correct, that might be a bigger embarrassment than the least the fish (both Florida teams) were decent enough this year that fans should have shown up.

CK0712 said...


Crazy Canton Cuts said...

Bowden has been a mess in DC

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