Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Customer Service at Its Finest?

This weekend I walked into my local Wal*Mart, home of some of the least intelligent workers I may have ever witnessed.

Case in point:

I decided to buy a plant for my apartment. A couple of months ago I bought my first plant, and since I haven't managed to kill it yet, I decided to roll the proverbial dice and buy a second plant. I walked into the greenhouse, picked out a plant, and then I proceeded to the checkout.

Now, the day I went to Wal*Mart it was quite chilly (typical October weather in Pennsylvania). As such, there wasn't anyone working the gardening center, so I had to walk my little plant to the main cashiers. I got in line (the "express line", hah). The lady working there stared at my plant, panicked (because there isn't a bar code to scan), and immediately called for help. (I figured, "ok, she might be new, no big deal.") Hah.

The cashier's immediate boss (or I suppose an associate since it was Wal*Mart right?) came over and looked at my LIVE POTTED PLANT. She then glanced up at me, looked back at the plant, back at me, and finally asked, "What department did this come from?"


Seriously, I was actually so stunned by the stupidity that I couldn't even manage a comeback (of course, it would've been wasted breath anyhow). Where else do you sell live plants? Stationary? Electronics?

And that, my friends, is what it takes to work for Wal*Mart apparently. That's some high hiring standards, hah.

On a completely unrelated note, please check out my 2008 Allen & Ginter needs here. I really would like to trade for many of the cards versus trying to buy them of eBay if possible!




CK0712™ said...

LMFAO!!!! now that is just funny as hella!!

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, or not, I work at a local Wal*Mart Garden Center...you have read enough of my blogs to know what my intelligence is, or isn't.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I am bigtoke

Lester's Legends said...

Too funny.

Mo Morrissey said...

Good grief and zounds. What department?

Beware that line of thinking - I didn't kill this plant so I'll get another. That's the kind of thing that will net you a family in short order.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I told my foreman that I sneezed before I crashed the fork lift.

I was putting that helium tank in the bed and bath section :)

FanOfReds said...

ck: Glad you liked it... I couldn't believe the woman when she asked.

bigtoke: Good to see you buddy! No insult meant to Wal*Mart workers in general...but man, there are a few doozies working there as my grandmother would say.

lester: Thanks for stoppin' by!

mo: Haha, warning heeded my friend (heeded, is that even a word?)

3rdStone: Hahahahaha.

Thanks for stoppin' by all! You guys crack me up.

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