Thursday, October 02, 2008

FanOfReds' Predictions Revisted: 2008 NL Central

Now that the 2008 Major League Baseball regular season has drawn to a close, it's time to see how well (or poorly) I was able to prognosticate the final standings. Back in March, I posted on my Sporting News blog my predictions for each of the baseball divisions. Today, I take a look back at my first prediction, the NL Central (home of my Reds).

First, my predictions from March:

1. Cubs

2. Reds

3. Brewers

4. Pirates

5. Astros

6. Cardinals

How'd I do? The actual standings for 2008:

1. Chicago Cubs 97-64

2. Milwaukee Brewers 90-72

3. Houston Astros 86-75

4. St. Louis Cardinals 86-76

5. Cincinnati Reds 74-88

6. Pittsburgh Pirates 67-95

I got the division winner correct (but so did most of America probably). I picked the Reds as second...which obviously was a giant mistake. I also missed terribly on the Cardinals, I truly thought that they'd be awful (who would have thought that Lohse would be any good, certainly not me after enduring his so-called pitching for the Reds in the past). Overall, I'd give my efforts a C-, barely passing thanks to picking the Cubs as division winner and the Brewers in the top half.



tcp said...

I don't think anyone outside of St. Louis thought the Cardinals would be as good as they were.

I also thought the Reds would finish 2nd/3rd in the division, but like everyone else I had the Cubs winning the division too.

The one prediction that I got right was that the Yankees would not make the playoffs...though I didn't pick the Rays (I went with the Blue Jays). And, the one prediction that I got way wrong (like a lot of people) was the Tigers....I thought they would make the ALCS, so it shows how much I really know.

Good work, I'm looking forward to how you did in the rest of the divisions.

Lester's Legends said...

You were just an optimistic fan. That's OK.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I think Volquez will lead the Reds to big things eventually

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