Thursday, October 16, 2008

FanOfReds' Predictions Revisted: AL East

Now that the 2008 Major League Baseball regular season has drawn to a close, it's time to see how well (or poorly) I was able to prognosticate the final standings. Back in March, I posted on my Sporting News blog my predictions for each of the baseball divisions. Today, I take a look back at my AL East predictions. (Note: My AL Central predictions seem to have disappeared, so you won't be seeing them revisited!)

First, my predictions:

1. Red Sox
2. Blue Jays
3. Yankees
4. Rays
5. Orioles

What really happened? The 2008 AL East standings:

1. Rays (97 - 65)
2. Red Sox (95 - 67)
3. Yankees (89 - 73)
4. Blue Jays (86 - 76)
5. Orioles (68 - 93)

Well, I got the Orioles and Yankees spots right....and I got the Red Sox making the playoffs. I simply picked the wrong "little guy" to beat the Yanks!
I recall wanting to pick the Rays to be my sleeper team, but I looked at their team closely and didn't think they had enough pitching nor offense to compete - how wrong I was on that one! The Blue Jays were my disappointment of the year (and the Tigers of course), I truly thought they'd be decent. Of course, it's hard to say that they weren't decent, they did finish 10 games over .500...
Overall, I give myself a B+ for my AL East predictions. Next up, my AL West predictions...where clearly I might have made a few "minor" mistakes. Stay tuned.


Lester's Legends said...

You got the O's right and the Yanks right. The Sox made the playoffs so we'll give you them. The only places you were off was tampa and toronto

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

good job

few saw the Rays coming on this fast

tcp said...

I don't think anyone saw the Rays winning more than 80 games, much less the division. They were certainly the surprise of MLB this season. I too thought the Jays would be the 2nd place team in the division and make the playoffs, but they did play better in the 2nd half of the season and look like they could be pretty good next year.

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