Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick Hits - Volume XXV - Five Questions

It's baaaaaaack! My version of Quick Hits is simply what I think about certain issues. Quick Hits gives me a chance to talk about my team, my life, or anything else on my mind. If you aren't prepared for that, leave now! Without further ado, here we go!

1. Congratulations to my home state Philadelphia Phillies. Sure, I'm a misplaced Reds fan, but it's good to see the beleaguered city of Philly win something. (It probably wasn't quite as good for Lidge though since Howard plowed him over as soon as the last out was made!) My question for you: Did you watch the series? Did you care? Do you know of anyone who actually was rooting for the Rays (you won't find many in PA)?

2. Obama. I'm undecided about the whole 30 minute infomercial... My question for you: What did you think of it? Was it informative or overblown? Was it necessary for swing voters or a crass display of all that's wrong with big spending politicians?

3. McCain. He's certainly getting desperate...and he seems to be getting more and more grouchy and bitter with every hour that passes... Thankfully Election Day is less than a week away...and then we won't have to ever see Joe the Plumber again or hear him talk about Israel and who hates who... My question for you: Did Joe the Plumber help or hurt McCain's chances?

4. Williamsport, PA. The city I live in is hosting both vice-presidential candidates tomorrow. Joe Biden is speaking at 2:00 and Sarah Palin is speaking at a different venue in the evening. My question for you: Who would you rather see speak? (NOTE: this doesn't necessarily imply who you agree with or would prefer to be the second in command, but rather, who would you rather see live for any reason?)

5. Baseball cards. If you haven't yet checked out my needs list, please do! I'm in the process of working out some trades, but there are quite a few cards on my want list that I'm still looking for! Find the list here.


dayf said...

1) several bloggers most notably Fielder's Choice were rooting for the Rays. Also my step grandfather is from St. Petersberg and last weekend he was complaining about the stadium, complaining about the team, complaining about how boring baseball was and was frantic trying to find the right station to watch the game at his hotel room.

2) It was a typical infomercial, Obama was trying to sell 'safe'. It might sway some fence straddlers, the question is how many of them bothered to watch it.

3) Joe the plumber is a symptom of McCain's lousy campaign, not the disease. If McCain had done the following things, he would be tied or leading right now:

1 - once he took the nomination, he should have ran to the center, not the right.
2 - defined himself as the change with experience/maverick candidate early on, while attempting to define Obama as inexperienced/liberal.
2a - pick ONE theme and stick to it all campaign.
3 - NOT undercut the whole inexperienced label by picking a VP who was even more inexperienced
4 - ignored the evangelicals and picked someone from the business wing of the Republican party for veep. Lieberman would have been ok, Romney would have been better.
5 - saved the negative attacks for October when they would be more effective, after the inexperienced liberal label had already stuck on Obama.

Joe the Plumber was just another gimmick trying to get the campaign some press. The combination of the no-message campaign, the awful VP pick and the fumbled response to the financial meltdown is what did him in.

4 - I'd be scared at a Palin rally and bored at a Biden one. I have a Biden card and not a Palin card, so I guess Biden in the slim chances I could get it autographed.

5 - I got your page bookmarked, once I'm done with my 8 other trades I'll check it out ;)

CK0712™ said...

Yup i watched the phillies, i'm a philadelphian!! i'll be covering the parade tomorrow as well.

as for the 1/2 hour special obama did. no i didn't watch it, i was at a sports bar. but i don't need to watch it, i'm voting for him.

who cares about McCain, he means nothing to me at this point, my mind was made up long ago.

i'd rather see Biden. no cards to trade sorry :)

Lester's Legends said...

I watched some of the World Series. No more or less than if New York or LA were in it. I could care about the size of the markets.

I've tuned out all of the ads and infomercials. I would like to see Palin live, but that's just because I think she's hot.

I think this president is like the rebound gf/bf. No choice was going to be right.

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

I think McSame tabbed Bush with a bush to garner the milf vote

tcp said...

I watched the WS only because I am a huge baseball fan and I wanted to see if the Rays were overrated or not.

I did not watch the infomercial and I don't even care about it. This campaign (both sides) has almost driven me to the point where I don't even want to vote.

He is desperate, and dayf says it perfectly so I will not rehash any of that.

I would rather see Palin because she is definitely hot. She has to be MILF of the year by a landslide.

I haven't had time to go through my cards yet but I haven't forgotten about you. I will probably dig through them this weekend.

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