Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Series Game 1 Thoughts

As I sat and watched game 1 of the World Series on my brand new TV, I thought the following:

1. The Backstreet Boys are still around?

2. (After listening to them butcher the National Anthem): Why are they still around?
3. What's with the blue mohawks sported by Rays fans?
4. Where did all the Rays fans come from anyhow? Didn't this team struggle to sell tickets forever?
5. Good start for Phillies says Joe Buck after the homerun in the top of the first.
6. Bad start for the Phillies says the same Joe Buck after a ball squirts under the defender's glove in the bottom of the first inning.
7. The catwalks are an interesting feature aren't they? What would the view of the game look like from the different catwalks?

8. Free tacos for America! Thanks for the stolen base Jason Bartlett.

9. (Flash forward to the bottom of the ninth inning): Phillies 2 outs away from winning game 1 - Evan Longoria at bat.
10. Longoria strikes out, second straight Ray to strike out in the ninth.
11. Seriously, Lidge is this good all of the sudden? Where's Pujols when you need him?
12. Crawford up - I'm happy for him since he hit a homerun. Poor guy has been a Devil Ray all his life, that's gotta be a painful career up until this year.
13. Crawford down to his last strike... It's a cement mixer says McCarver.
14. Crawford pops it up to end the game, Phillies lead the World Series 1 game to none.
15. Phillies stranded 11 runners - yet they won.

Congrats Philadelphia. 3 wins to go.

Well, game one is in the books. I wonder how many people watched the World Series this year? Will this be the lowest rated World Series ever? What do you think? Do you care who wins (I don't really...I just want the games to be close and exciting).



tcp said...

My first thought was the same as yours about the Backstreet Boys. Was it just me or did the guy on the far right look like he was 45 years old?

I think the Rays fans showed up when Tampa won the division, and people realized "We have a baseball team? Cool, let's go to a game."

I would rather the Rays "fans" have the mohawks than the cowbells.

Joe Buck is a moron. He shouldn't be allowed on the air. Tim McCarver isn't much better...I didn't know that a cement mixer was part of Lidge's r'epertoire. I wonder if anyone else in the league knows how to throw it?

Why do we have to wait until the end of November to get our free taco? Why can't we have it tomorrow? I want my taco and I watched this game to see if someone would steal a base so I would know if I could go to Taco Bell tomorrow or not, and dang it they are going to make me wait a whole month?

CK0712™ said...

Um, why would the ratings be so low? i have friends who went to penns landing last night to watch, they had big screens all over the place & a ton of people were there. Maybe it's just philly people who care who wins this year, because we haven't done so in a long time ;0

as for the backstreet boys, they can go hang out with brett ;0

tcp said...

A slight correction...

The Rep from Taco Bell last night said November 28 was when we got our taco. What he meant to say was October 28, according to reports. (the report being an email that I received from this morning)

So, my whole "why do we have to wait a month" rant is invalid and should now be taken as "why do we have to wait a week".

Lester's Legends said...

I watched...some of it. I didn't get the cement mixer line either. The BS Boys need to go away. Same with those 40 year old New Kids.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I've always disliked boy bands, with the exception of the Jackson 5 (but do they qualify?)

tcp said it best on my broadcaster posts...I'd watcher listen to paint dry than listen to Buck. SERIOUSLY = WHY IS HE CALLING THE WS? He is on record stating he doesn't even like baseball and finds it boring! He ain't his daddy! Nepotism sucks!

wish umps would know what a balk was

tacos? hmmm, me thinks Taco Bell "retired" the chihuahua and his kin to make this happen

FanOfReds said...

tcp: You are right on all thoughts!

ck: I don't expect the ratings to be low in Philly...but overall I'd be surprised if the ratings are higher than last year's series (which had poor ratings)...unless the series goes 6 or 7 games.

tcp (again): Maybe Taco Bell needs to find enough ground beef to feed America and figured a week would be long enough? I think it's really so that most people forget!

lester: Agreed!

3rdStone: I never heard that about Buck, but he certainly seems to enjoy the NFL more!

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