Delivery Time! Trade with Danny at Saints of the Cheap Seats

Another great trade that happened prior to Thanksgiving - this time with Danny at Saints of the Cheap Seats.

I sent Danny a bunch of different cards (including Heritage base cards, black backs, and inserts as well as Allen & Ginter base cards, short prints, and a couple of inserts). You can read about his side of the trade here.

In return, I got a pile (and I do mean a pile) of Allen & Ginter mini cards for my set. 33 mini cards in total!

Thanks for the trade! If anyone else wants to set up a trade, check out my want list and then let me know in the comments section below or shoot me an email.


  1. Very nice looking cards.

  2. the one dude (if he is an athlete) who looks like he's eating a sandwich or something = unique


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