Delivery Time! Trade with Ryan from Trader Crack's Card Blog

It was another exciting mail week where I recieved a bunch of different packages from fellow bloggers. One of the packages was from Ryan at Trader Crack's Card Blog. Awhile back, I sent Ryan an Upper Deck base card he needed, Allen & Ginter insert, and a bunch of Montreal Expos cards.

In return, Ryan knocked a few more cards off my want list, including:

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces - Alex Gordon. I love this set and hope to complete it soon. The short prints may be out of reach (I haven't checked eBay to see what they go for there though).

2008 Allen & Ginter mini A&G back: Stevie Willaims and Rampage Jackson. Another favorite set, I'm getting tantalyzingly close to completing the mini set (regular backs).

1997 Collector's Choice: For some reason, I loved this set when it came out. I only own one series I card (must have got it in a repack of some sort), but I am quite close to having the entire second series. Of the three cards that Ryan sent me, the McGwire is my favorite - that would have been a nice pull back in the day. Of the three cards, it is also interesting that two of the players are now baseball outcasts - something that is unfortunately going to be said about a lot of players from the late 90s and early 00s I think.

Thanks again to Ryan, if anyone else wants to set up a trade, please check out my (contantly updated) want list. Thanks!


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