Photoblogging: What Global Warming?

Listen to anyone on the Weather Channel (or perhaps Al Gore) and you'll hear tales of a phenomenon known as global warming. I can report to you that upstate Pennsylvania has not been hit by this "warming." In fact, according to the local weather man, we've been hit with colder temperatures and more snow precisely because of the warming. Say what?!

Enjoy a few "snowstorm before winter" pictures in place of my typical sport and baseball card posts...

It never hurts to have a stack of wood - just in case the power gives out...
I don't have anything clever to say about this - other than it looks like a postcard to me.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you and yours.


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    NOW this is sweet!! i love the piccies too!! you are right it does look like a christmas card! MERRY HO HO FREDS~to you & yours as well.

  2. If you look hard enough, I think you can see ManBearPig.

    Don't laugh, I'm totally serial.

  3. i really impress with you blog and plz keep writing for this blog. i also start collection of information about causes of global warming in my blog.

  4. Nice. Merry Christmas to you too. Cold as heck in MN so I'm with ya.

  5. i really impress with you blog and plz keep writing for this blog. i also start collection of...wait! just kidding! not a spammer!

    but seriously, a pet peeve of mine is when people think they are being funny when they say "the cooling is caused by the warming." it's not difficult to understand the concept of shifting air currents as a result of warming oceans - that is fifth grade science.

    anyway, i have been updating my links and wanted to apologize for taking so long to link to your site. i haven't been very good about blogging this year, but then again, it's hard to find the inspiration to write when your team is out of contention in april.

    maybe santa claus will bring us a good hitting outfielder this christmas. and a shortstop. and a good catcher. and... have a good one. go reds.

  6. CK: Thanks for stoppin' by! Glad to be able to offer the occassional non-baseball card post too!

    Chris: Haha!

    Bhuvan: I really impress with me too.

    Lester: Eesh, yeah, Minnesota might be about the only non-Alaskan state colder than Vermont where I spent a year...

    Daedalus: Consider yourself linked here as well! Thanks for stoppin' by!


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