Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Topps Black: 4 Blaster Review

My local Wal*Mart finally got some of the 2009 Topps Black Border Blasters, so I decided to pick up four of them with the hopes of completing my black set. How close did I get? Let's see.

What I opened: 4 Blaster (10 packs each)
First, the "pulls":

5 Legends of the Game (odds: 1:8 packs):

LG5: Walter Johnson
LG8: George Sisler
LG15: Pee Wee Reese
LG22: Thurman Munson
LG25: Cal Ripken Jr.

The Pee Wee Reese and the Cal Ripken are both duplicates for me. The others were needed though, so 3 out of 5 isn't too terrible. I hit the odds exactly getting 5 in 40 packs.

5 Turkey Red (odds: 1:6):

TR8: Ryan Ludwick
TR10: Jackie Robinson
TR23: Garrett Atkins
TR30: Christy Mathewson
TR35: David Wright

The good news was that I didn't have any of these yet. The bad news was that I only pulled 5 Turkey Reds when the odds suggest I should have pulled 6-7 when opening 40 packs.

4 Gold Parallel (odds: 1:10):

4: Jones, Pujols, & Holliday (#0751/2009)
78: Tim Lincecum (#0124/2009)
85: Justin Verlander (#0807/2009)
240: Ryan Braun (#0130/2009)

I didn't have any of these either and I got exactly what I ought to - 1 per blaster. All things considered, I fared well in the player selection for the golds.

4 Commemorative Patches (1 per blaster):

LPR-20: Mickey Mantle
LPR-27: Ernie Banks
LPR-38: Nolan Ryan
LPR-42: Thurman Munson

I was quite happy with my commemorative patches. I bought 4 blaster with the plans to "flip" the patch cards on eBay while they are still fetching about 10 bucks each. In that way, I hope to recoup some of my losses!

0 Short Print Variations (odds: 1:119):
I was hoping to pull at least one of these, but I can't be too disappointed since I (statistically speaking) wasn't expected to. I still only own three (Gehrig, Robinson, Hornsby).

35 Topps Town (Grey/Silver)
TTT1: Alex Rodriguez
TTT2: Roy Halladay (2)
TTT3: Grady Sizemore (2)
TTT4: Brandon Webb
TTT5: Evan Longoria
TTT8: Alex Gordon
TTT9: Ryan Howard (4)!
TTT10: Jake Peavy
TTT11: Nick Markakis (4)!
TTT12: Justin Morneau (2)
TTT13: Albert Pujols (4)!
TTT14: CC Sabathia
TTT15: Alfonso Soriano (2)
TTT16: Ichiro
TTT17: Francisco Rodriguez
TTT19: Carlos Quentin (3)
TTT20: Lance Berkman (2)
TTT23: Josh Hamilton
TTT25: Daisuke Matsuzaka

These helped fill in the few remaining holes in my collection. Now I have 45 duplicates of these.

5 Gold Topps Town Cards:
TTT9: Ryan Howard
TTT11: Nick Markakis
TTT16: Ichiro
TTT17: Francisco Rodriguez
TTT25: Daisuke Matsuzaka

I didn't have any of these - but I also don't see a lot of value in collecting them specifically.

Overall, I wasn't too disappointed in my box. I would have liked to pull another couple of Turkey Red cards like the odds suggest - and I was definitely hoping to pull a short print legend variation... Even so, I'm nearing completion of the black border set - see my want list for the cards that I still need!

Final Grade: 80/100.
Pros: Fun to rip, patches quite nice, Turkey Reds great insert.
Cons: No short prints, short changed slightly on Turkey Reds as well.


Grand Cards said...

I've got some "Black" cards to help you out: 2,13,15,17,42,46,57,109, 114, 125, 144, 161, 166, 167, 203, 220, 236, 237, 285, 291, 293, 299

I Could use that Verlander Gold. Also, if you have them, is there any chance that you could part with "Black" #85 (Verlander) and #127 (Cabrera/Quentin/Rodriguez). In the spirit of helping out other bloggers, I'll trade you all of those blacks for those three (If you happen to have any Ty Cobb Legends of the Game cards that you wanted to throw in, I'd be ok with that too).

Let me know!

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

nice cards

Walter Johnson = probably the best pitcher of all time

MonkAre said...

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Covered in Wrappers said...

Any chance of a trade on the gold Jones, Pujols, Holliday card? It is the last one I need.

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