Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 09: 1990 Score

Barry Larkin
Brand: Score
Card Number: 155

I figured since the Reds lost yesterday, a return to the year 1990 would be a welcome sight for sore eyes (since 1990 was the last year the Reds won the World Series).

The 1990 Score set does a few things right (and botches a few things as well).

The good: Nice team logo on the front, nice alternate picture on the back, full statistics plus bio writeups.

The bad: Horrendous border colors - yellow and green for the Cincinnati Reds? EW!

All in all, I actually like this card quite a bit despite the fact that you probably couldn't pick to worse colors to border a Reds card. The picture on the front is nice, a prime example of "keep your eye on the ball"...although for all we know Larkin is actually hitting off a tee since we can't actually see the ball.

As a quick side note, I want to thank everyone who has either sent me some Barry Larkin cards or has offered to send me some Larkin cards. My collection is rapidly growing!


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